How The Other Half Lives Tracks:

  1. Man With Money
  2. Fool Of Me
  3. See Saw
  4. No Place Left To Run
  5. How The Other Half Lives
  6. You Don't Care
  7. It's So Funny
  8. Angelface
  9. Two Kinds Of People
  10. Love Me Like I Know You Can
  11. Nympho
  12. You Look Good In Black
  13. The Boots Are Made For Walking
  14. I Wonder
  15. Blue Turns Grey
  16. I'll Cry Alone


16 mist inspired soul fueled folk rock blasts by wormtowns finest. a belmondo with a microphone, a lyre with a 12 string, a couple ballbusters with bass and 6 string, and a sheezlater with a snare. they uphold the fine tradition and pride of new england rock n roll.

Check out a sample, "Man With Money", here on our JukeBox - better yet, go see them live - better yet, buy a CD here.

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Review from The Noise, February, 2003:

THE CRYBABIES Dino Records How The Other Half Lives 16-song CD

When I first saw The Crybabies, I described them as Gram Parsons meets The Flamin' Groovies. As I listen to their CD, I feel that this description holds up. Perhaps you remember Artie Sneiderman as the frontman for dance meisters, The Belmondos. Moreover, guitarist, Steve Aquino is Lyres' loss and The Crybabies' gain. Sneiderman and Aquino add their powerful, pop tinged rock 'n' roll compositions to impeccably chosen covers like the Everlys' "Man With Money" and the Lee Hazelwood's "These Boots Are Made For Walking." Three other covers that are among my favorites on the CD are "I Wonder" from the sadly unrated Gants, Mississippi's answer to The Beatles, the Keith Richards/ Andrew Loog Oldman "Blue Turns To Grey," and The Flamin' Groovies' Cyril Jordan/ Chris Wilson heartbreaking stunner, "I'll Cry Alone." "Other Half" is the title track and one of the most intense tracks, creating a nice foil for the poppier numbers. The slashing power chords and the wailing harp underscore the fury of the lyric, which is a basic piss off to squares. Sneiderman makes "You Don't Care" his own with his soulful reading. "It's So Funny" has the jingle jangle, ringing 12-string guitar feel. The Crybabies have picked up the Byrds/ Groovies torch, writing and performing better, ballsier "Needles And Pins" for the new millennium. This is my pick for area disc of 2002. (Nancy Neon)

Read John O'Neill's cool review in the San Francisco Bay Guardian

Blasting out right on the first track with vocal meister Artie Sneiderman, the Crybabies cover the Everly Brothers "Man With Money" like they're on speed - and we're right along for the ride. Along with sidekick Steve Aquino, who Mr. Airplane Man accurately dubbed the "guitar priest of the bleeding heart", Artie has crafted 10 garage masterpieces for the kids. "See Saw", "Other Half", "Nympho"?? Other so-called "garage" bands wish they could write songs like this. Worcester's best-undiscovered garage combo.