The Foreign Objects
Rock And Wrestling Roll            

Not Too Cool CD, 1997
  • The complete FOs collection plus
       10 previously unreleased tracks
  • 24 tracks, 14 page booklet
  • Only $12 (incl shipping in US)

  • Into the Squared Circle LP, 1985
  • "This 1985 classic overflows with
        musical piledrivers" - Guitar Magazine
  • The wrestling-rock theme album
  • Only $12 (incl shipping in US)

  • World At War EP, 1979
  • The classic Boston DIY release
  • Original Pressing!
  • Only $22 (incl shipping in US)

  • The Foreign Objects, 1979
    Howard W. Campbell Jr., Noodles Romanov, Steve Ed Kirby,
    Bill Perks, and Jean Paul Lemay

    "This is one of the all-time punkest bands"

    - Rocktober Magazine

    In the late 70's and early 80's The Foreign Objects rocked the Northeast with their unmistakable punk sound and distinctly original take on the pain and glories of both Professional Wrestling AND World War Two. Bill Perks' unique lyrical vision combined with the gritty garage-punk of the FOs produces a final effect that is hard to describe. Your best bet is to order a CD.

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